The one with two more Layla Ceramic Effects!

I was finally able to get around to wearing more Layla Ceramic Effects! Believe me when I say these babies need no base. Both of the ones featured today are blue...and I had no staining, which is practically unheard of!

First off, it's almost impossible to find the names of these polishes hahahah They have numbers on them, and unless I can match around and find it online, I don't know what the actual names are. This one, 33, is called Metallic Blue. It is blueeeee. It's quite shimmery and very flashy, and has a touch of purple. I wouldn't consider it a true blurple, tho.

Now this next one...yeah, I got no name for it. It's just CE62. It does remind me of a mermaid...and all the polishes that put you in mind of mermaids hahah It's very finely glittered/shimmered and could possibly change colors in the light. It's a hybrid of a light teal-y sort of blue shimmer that can shift to green even if your eye doesn't register that's just what happened. I found it impossible to photograph :) haha

There are several Layla polishes available at Ninja Polish. Not only Ceramic Effects...but Mirrors and Softouch and should check it out!

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