The one with Fail Art! Dotting, striping and hearts, oh my!

Practice makes perfect right? Well then why am I always practicing?! haha Today I have some of my most recent Fail Arts for you - and boy are they doozies!

The first is a heart. It should be simple right!?
WRONG. I used an It's So Easy Stripe Rite brush in red to draw the outline of the heart and then fill it in. I had originally planned to draw hearts on all the nails...but then seeing how the first one came out, I cut my losses and slapped on a coat of Milani Jewel FX in red and called it a day! haha

My second fail is a dotting and striping attempt *hangs head in shame* I got a striper brush from It's So Easy (I didn't own one!) so I decided to use it for stripes :) I asked Lucas what colors I should use, and he said blue and green...but I'm not sure this is the blue and green he had in mind
I used a base of Catrice London's Weather Forecast...and the blue is Cult Nails Awakening, with the minty green being Julie G's Gelato in Venice. It's a hot mess. A hot, hot mess.

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