The one with Fail Art Thursday - stamping plates from Born Pretty Store!

I didn't post yesterday! *hangs head* I've gotta get my act together! I'm really going to work this weekend to get a lot of posts ready to go - October is my favorite month! I'm going to have a week of pinks for Breast Cancer Awareness, another glow-in-the-dark week, a week of nothing but orange glitter and a week of Halloween nail art! But what do I have today? A very easy to use stamping plate from Born Pretty Store! I had absolutely NO issue with my stamper picking up the image from the plate :) ...transferring it to the other nail is where I need practice :)
Here's an image of plate. I really like the designs on this one. The two on the right are kinda retro :) I used a base of one of the new WetnWild Fantasy Makers tombstones, Nail in the Coffin. I first tried an orange polish to stamp know 'cause Halloween is coming up and I wanted to see if I could with an orange polish :) I chose the image on the bottom right of the stamping plate.
Not bad, if I do say so myself! I will need to work on it, tho, as I can tell there's some smudging and, in some places, there was just no transfer. My nails are very much like rounded domes, so I have an issue about putting the flat stamper in some areas of my nail. But then I decided to try a white polish, along with the upper right image on the plate...
I did pretty well on this one!! It's a lot easier to work with black and white polishes together, so It's easier to tell where your problems really are. I shall definitely keep trying with this plate...eventually I will have mastered stamping!

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