The one with Fail Art Thursday - striping tape mani!

I guess I really should stop calling this feature Fail Art Thursday! haha But still it's kind of a thing. Maybe I will start this back up again every week - and have a graphic and everything! Tomorrow starts my new feature, Friday Five, and I have no idea what I'm going to feature! I'm such a planner :)

Today I have some art featuring striping tape from Born Pretty Store! I used black...placing it all laser-like over my Color Club Limelight mani. The tape is so easy to place, and it doesn't adhere to the nail so tightly that you can't reposition it if you don't like where it goes!

 Then I decided on a little holo-y goodness, and I added a coat of Layla Emerald Divine!

After letting that dry, I ever so carefully peeled off the tape - and I realized I'd made a mistake! I hadn't put the tape down with any rhyme or reason, so it ended up a little crazy to take off. Next time I will need a set pattern to avoid tearing and peeling. BUT, here's the end result :)

 What do you think? Yeah, I know there's some odd bits where the tape pulled up, but that was mostly my fault for laying it down all willy nilly. Next time I will have a plan :)

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