The one with a jelly sandwich with Zoya Frida and Sticks 'n Stones!

Yep, no secrets here. I'm still head over heels for Sticks 'n Stones. I have to consciously NOT put it on top of every color I wear (it needs a break or my bottle will soon be empty!) But I thought I'd try it in a jelly sandwich, with the gorgeousness of Zoya Frida, and I was not disappointed ;)
I received an overwhelming amount of compliments on this mani! It's so simple and clean, too. A lot of people don't like VNL but I think in the case of jelly sandwiches, that's just par for the course. My eyes are drawn away from the VNL anyway...and all to the pretties suspended in the jelly!

Frida is available here on Zoya's website. The link provided is an affiliate link with the Share the Love program. If you use my link to sign-up with and you make a purchase, I will receive StL points. Sticks 'n Stones can be found here at Ninja Polish!

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