The one where I just talk

I had planned a post today. But something happened today that made me completely forget about it. I found out early this morning that a friend's brother had been killed in an accident at work. I knew him. His son was in my son's kindergarten class a few years back. His daughter is absolutely adorable. His wife is a very nice woman.

I still live in relatively the same place I grew up...well, just one town north of where I grew up. A lot of the same people migrate from town to town down here, and really, we all still know each other. My friend cuts my hair. I see and talk to her all the time. But how in the world do I talk to her about this? I tell her I'm sorry for her loss ... and I pray for her. But then what? I can't sympathize because both of my brothers are still alive and well. I feel such sadness and heartbreak for his entire family. I think it bothers me the most because I can't take away anyone's pain myself. I'm a fixer. I like fixing things and people. But this is something that just can't be fixed.

I don't ever want to know what my friend is going through. I don't ever want to know what her brother's wife is going through. I cried today. For my friend, for her sister-in-law, for the children. Life is so fragile and so limited. No one really knows when they wake up in the morning that it's the day they will die.

But no matter how mad I get, no matter how my nerves are frayed and no matter how frustrated I may get with him, I love my husband. I really do. I couldn't imagine my life without him. I couldn't imagine him just walking out the door one day and never coming back.

Hug and kiss your loved ones an extra time today. It may be the last time you do. Tomorrow is never certain.