The one with BTouch Rose Glitter!

Good morning! Happy Tuesday :) I have an interesting orange glitter that isn't really orange, but...yeah. When I was at Cosmoprof I found myself at the Gelaxy booth - I haven't really spoken a lot about them because I really wasn't impressed with the in they did a gel nail on my pinky, and it had flaked off the next day. They did have an AMAZING COLOR RANGE! The basis of the company is that they have gel and regular colors - one of each. So if you want gel on your nails and regular polish on your toes, you could do that and get the exact same color.

They let me and the girls I was with take a polish home from their BTouch line, which was regular polish. I chose what I thought was an orange glitter. Must've been a trick of the light because the glitter is actually pink! The base is orange, tho. I put it over Layla Mirror Effects Pink sort of makes the base even more orange...
It's weird right? Orange jellyish base with pink glitter? I'm not sure I like it. And I'm not entirely sure there wasn't orange glitter in there, and it bled, giving the base an orange tint. I dunno. Either way, this isn't a polish I will wear again, I don't think. Maybe I'll use it to franken?

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