The one with Color Club In True Fashion cremes!

Happy first day of October!! October is my absolute favorite month - because it's where my favorite holiday is - HALLOWEEN! I have a lot of awesome stuff lined up for you this month (including a giveaway!!), and I had planned on starting all my Halloween/October weeks today, but I must show you these Color Clubs! These are the six cremes from the Color Club In True Fashion collection!

First up is In The Limelight, an extremely gorgeous periwinkle shade. It's, hands down, my favorite of the bunch. I adore the softness of it...but the color is also vivid and bold! Such a study in contradicition ;) Pictured is two coats. The formula was a little thin, but that just made it easier to build with the second coat.

Another color I really like is the bright fire engine red of Look Book. This could be a one-coater if applied correctly! It was very pigmented and applied like a dream. It's such a classic color, and while I own several like it, I still can't get enough of the color :) This is two coats.

Next up is the plummy goodness of By Design. I had a little bit of an application problem with this one. I'm fairly certain it was operator error, tho hah! It kind of got goopy toward my tips when I applied the first coat - so I'm wondering if my base coat just wasn't dry. Otherwise, I adore the color! I used two coats of medium thickness for what is pictured, but next time I wear it, I'm gonna go with three thinner coats.

And one step darker than By Design is Fashion Moment, the deepest, darkest purple I own (I'm almost positive anyway). It's such an inky color, almost black! It reminds me of old, dried blood...which would make it perfect for Halloween! Pictured is two coats...and honestly, I probly should have put on a third coat...I didn't see the small bald patches until I was outside in the sun.

The next one is called Muse-ical, and it's a dusty grey, with maybe some hints of blue and green? I swear I see some blue and green in this! This one is a one-coater for me! I used two coats for what's pictured just in case...I got worried about seeing bald patches in the sun heheh Formula on this one was a bit thick, and that could be part of the reason I was able to see it as a one-coater.

And lastly, the problem child, Style Icon. Don't get me wrong. I adooooore the color. One of my most favorite shades of nail polish. But...this formula was thin and a watery and just seemed to flow all over my nail with no control. As you can see my pinky looks REALLY wonky. The formula is almost like a jelly. It's really squishy!

So what do you think? My top pick if In The Limelight, followed by Look Book! I will have the rest of this collection for you guys shortly!!! I must apologize about my sporatic posting, as the new puppy is taking up quite a bit of my time!

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