The one with Color Club In True Fashion metallics and duochromes!

I am enjoying reading all of your answers in the Ghost with the Most giveaway! Keep them up! And keep entering :) I am so glad everyone is liking this giveaway - it's probly my favorite giveaway I've had...Halloween has always been my favorite holiday! Tomorrow, I will begin my Halloween postings, but today I have the rest of the Color Club In True Fashion collection! These six are metallics and duochromes :)

I'm going to start you off with my favorite of this half of the collection - Show Time, a sparkly charcoal black metallic. I used two coats for these photos, and I fell in love. It is just gorgeous out in the sunlight! The formula was great. I can see hints of blue, purple...and maybe orange in the shimmer? Or am I dreaming? :)

And now on to First Looks! This deep greenish blue metallic is going to get a LOT of wear around my house, I can already tell! It's almost a dusty teal color, with hidden shimmer in (what my eyes see) as green and purple! It is stunning in sunlight...and best of all? ONE COAT. Yep, what you see in these pictures is one coat.

Next up is Model Behavior, a rusty bronze-y metallic. I love this color! I'm all about the oranges, tho :) I always have trouble wearing metallics, tho. They look like they are "swimming" on my nails, if you know what I mean. This color was super easy to apply...and again, one coat!

And now we have Personal Stylist! This blue metallic with a hint of purple is a gorgeous color! It went on smoothly, and the formula was a tad on the thin side, but nothing that required any special care. This one is, of course, my husband's favorite of this batch :)

And now, my not-so-favorites...let's start with Editorial, a peridot duochrome. I'm not much on this shade. It's just not me. It just reminds me of baby poop. Or rather, my dogs poop right now. Of course neither of those is all shiny and sparkly hahah! I don't think the color is flattering on me at all! haha The polish itself has a GREAT formula. It went on my nails as easy as you please...I just don't like it.

And lastly we have Port-folio, a blue-y purple-y mess on my nails. It just looks like the worst bruise you've ever had in your life that just won't go away. This color has a LOT of potential. I'm wondering if it's not better suited to be worn as a topper, maybe? Alone, two coats, on the nail, it just looks...wrong. So now I shall try this over black :)

So there you have it! Do you have a favorite? As I mentioned above, mine is Show Time! I love the way it looks :) Stay tuned for tomorrow, as I start my Halloween posts!! :)

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