The one with Enchanted Polish Hello New York and Ciao Milano!

Happy Saturday! I have two polishes from an AMAZING indie brand for you today! I don't do indies a lot, only ones that really intrigue me, and Enchanted Polish has done just that! Two of the polishes I will show you today are both color shifting! Now, other than glow in the dark, I am the most taken in by color shifting pigments. You know why? Because people notice them! When I wore these Enchanted Polishes out in public, I got so many compliments! People loved them :) The photos here in this post are sometimes a little blurry. I did them that way on purpose so the color shift was more evident. Trust me, the effect is awesome! So without further ado...

Let's start with Hello New York! Is a pretty thick glitter that flashes green to gold to yellow. I really tried taking a lot of these pictures in the sun, but they are completely best inside with natural light. The flashes happen so much more amazingly when there isn't direct sunlight. I used two coats of polish alone (no colored base) for these photos. I'll be trying these over bases soon, so look for another Enchanted Polish post!
As you can see it's a really pretty glitter even without the shifting flashes!
This one is inside with a direct flash pointed right at the nail.
Natural light, no flash. You can see the different colors on each nail, as they all shift in the natural light!
And now...on to Ciao Milano! Holy Smokes this polish is the gorgeous-est of the gorgeous. It shifts blue, pink, green, purple...did I miss any? Everyone I ran into while I was wearing this polish grabbed my nails and moved them around to see the beautiful colors. It's truly a one-of-a-kind in my collection! Actually, all these Enchanted Polishes are. I don't own a lot like these, which is awesome! Anyway, I used two coats for the photos, no colored base. Words are failing me here to describe this amazing color. Everyone needs it!
O.O Amazing right? The color shift is just so phenomenal in this polish! I will definitely be trying this one over some bases - I'm thinking this over a dark base would just be too ... yeah, words have failed me again hahah

Enchanted Polish is sold in several places, including llarowe, Harlow & Co and Mei Mei's Signatures.

DISCLAIMER: Some products used in this post were provided to me by the company for consideration. This blog is written and edited by me, and the opinions are not influenced in any way and are not compensated.  Please read this post for more information.