The one with essence Grey-t to Be Here and Date in the Moonlight!

Good morning! After the sobering events of yesterday, it was hard to get back on the blogging wagon today. But life does indeed go on for those still affected by the on with posting! I was recently given the opportunity to review two of the new essence polishes! These bottles are so adorable! My experience with essence is very limited, as I don't live near an Ulta (which is primarily where people get essence polishes not overseas).

First up is Grey-t to Be Here, a light grey with ribbons of pink and orange shimmer (maybe the pink flashes purple too?) running through it. So gorgeous! It's so delicate and versatile. Appropriate for work settings (if you have restrictions on that type of thing), and shimmery enough to set it apart. Formula is great. Two coats is pictured. I tried some different lighting with these photos because I wanted to try to capture the shimmer as best I could!

I've also got Date in the Moonlight to show you! This murky navy blue has hidden bits of a lighter blue shimmer cutting through it. It is absolutely beautiful when it catches the light! Unfortunately, my camera doesn't quite capture it's beauty! I used two coats here.

With a recent relaunch, essence has 18 new and trendy colors, ultra fast drying time, perfect coverage, brilliant gel-like shine and staying power. I will say these polishes did dry amazingly fast. And even without top coat, they are shiny! The price did go up from 99 cents to $1.99 with the relaunch, but still. That's a great price for a great product!

DISCLAIMER: Some products used in this post were provided to me by the company for consideration. This blog is written and edited by me, and the opinions are not influenced in any way and are not compensated.  Please read this post for more information.