The one with Pure Ice Halloween crackles!

Happy Tuesday! It's almost Halloween! For today, I've got some crackle polishes from Pure Ice. I'm not much for crackle, but occassionally I think it can spice up a manicure...especially if it's orange crackle!

Up first is Crushed, a shimmery orange crackle. I decided to really have a contrast here and put it over Layla Aqua Zen. This combo is actually awesome - and super eye-catching! I got a lot of compliments on this combo, and I believe I might have to wear it again! Any Miami Dolphin fans out there? You'll need these polishes! My only issue is that the crackle was a bit chunky. I mean, like, on the brush. It felt like it had some sizeable sand-grainy-type bits in it. Is this normal for crackle? As you can see, it didn't effect the performance...but I'm wondering if it might in the long run?

Next up is a black crackle called Strobe Light. I tossed it over Zoya Natalie...and wow, I'm amazed at how well it crackled! While the Crushed pictured above had wide, deep cracks, the black one here has small, fine cracks. How cool is it that they turned out so differently? This bottle wasn't gritty like the orange - so I'm wondering if it's a bottle-by-bottle thing? Maybe depending on age?

The final crackle I have to show you is a yellow shimmer called Catwalk - and I don't like it at all hahah Maybe it's the combination I used? I put it over a darker greyish/black, Essence Hunt Me If You Can. Maybe it would be better over another color? *shrug* At any rate, I just don't think the color is good...and comparing it's "cracking ability" to the other two, it doesn't look like it cracks as well.

What do you think? Is the crackle phase over? I know a lot of people think so - but are there people out there who still enjoy wearing crackle? If so, what brand? What color?

Pure Ice polishes can be purchased at WalMart, and some Walgreens stores.

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