The one with Zoya Ornate Winter Collection!

Wowee my friends! I have the most stunning collection to show you right now. I couldn't wait any longer to get these up - I just adore them! I'm talking about the Zoya Ornate Collection! Six (well 5 anyway) of the most beautiful polishes! (Don't hate, I'm just not into bar glitter!)

But the best thing about this collection (at least for me)? THE NAMES!! All six are names of superheroes!!! If you know me at all, you know I'm all over it! I mean, heck, I named my puppy Clark Kent! <3

Click ahead to see the collection!

You know when you see a polish for the first time, and you know you like it, but then you put it on and you LOVE it? That happened with me and Storm. I'm going to show you her first. This polish is classic black with microfine holographic glitter. Two coats to perfection, once I had Storm on my fingers I didn't want to take her off!

Next up is the purple awesomeness of Aurora! I could not take my eyes off the rainbow of sparkle that erupted on my nails when I applied two coats of Aurora. I used to be 100% anti-holo. I'm starting to warm up to them - but ones like this are what I'm loving!

And now on to Blaze! Much like Aurora, the holographic glitter really pops in the sun! This color is what I would refer to as a cranberry red, but Zoya says it's a mulberry shade. It's all fruity to me! hahaha Pictured is two flawless coats of Blaze!

And on the non-holo side is the forest green of Logan! There's a foil-esque quality to Logan. Also some shifting duochrome if I'm not mistaken. The shimmer isn't so refined that I had trouble with that "swimming" effect I sometimes get with overly shiny shimmers. Logan is just right in two coats :)

The metallic Ziv really has a foil-like finish. I'm not much for foils. So this color is only so-so for me. The formula is amazing and coverage is literally good as gold in two coats, but this color is just not for me. It will make a good base of nail art later, tho! :)

And now for the only polish I don't like - Electra. I'm not a fan of bar glitter. I think it looks like hair. I put Electra over Storm for the photos. One thing I will say about Electra: The concentration of bar glitter in this polish is phenomenal. I only used one coat, and it's so dense! It definitely looks like someone over-tinseled a Christmas tree! hahah

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite? if I had to choose one, it would be Storm. Followed closely by Aurora and Blaze! Looking to add these to your collection? Zip over to and order them for yourself! They are available for $8 each, or the whole set of 6 for $48. The link I have provided to for the Share the Love program. If you do not have an account to Zoya, and you set one up with my link, I will get StL points...and you will get a coupon for a free bottle of Zoya polish (just pay shipping!).

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