The one with Clark's November Bark Box!

Good day all! :) It's a cold, but sunny Saturday here in Indiana, and I thought I'd share my puppy with you today! Well, pictures of him anyway! He got his November Bark Box, and here's what he has to say about it...

 He has nommed that chewstick to within an inch of its life in three days. It's kept him calm and REALLY helped him curb his urge to bite at us! Now that it's gone, he's back to needing another outlet. The poor pup is surrounded by toys and Nylabones, but he still doesn't have that one thing to help - and it was this chewstick! Now I just havta find a store that carries them.
It's called Barkworthies. I did a web search, and I found their website, but it only sells wholesale :( Here's what else came in the box:
 Not really sure about the Bionic bone thing. Clark traditionally doesn't like things that are cold, so we shall see. Same goes for this Cool Treats Smoothie for Dogs. They both look interesting, tho!

Clark does like the Moose Rac Chew Toy from Acadia Antlers. It's in his crate with him right now, actually. It's a good and durable toy...and we need all the durable ones we can get! The Fruitables treats...we haven't tried them yet. Clark is notoriously picky when it comes to treats. He will only eat peanut butter based ones. We might give these a try, tho. It can't hurt!
There was also this gift card to in the box. I was hoping they carried Barkworthies, but they don't. This might be worth checking out, and we'll probably use this gift card!

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