The one with Fail Art Thursday - an orange watermarble!

Good morning all! I've returned to my old way today, and I'm posting a Fail Art Thursday! I had moderate success with one watermarble, so I thought I'd try again - UGH, it didn't work at all!

I used a base of white and marbled some China Glaze polishes - Life Preserver, Cross Iron 360 and Riveting. Wow, this did not turn out well!

 Look at this mess! bahaha! My pinky is the worst I think...

One day I will get this! haha I try and try and eventually I'm going to have a massively awesome marble! haha And before you guys bombard me with tips and "what always works for me...", rest assured I've tried it all! This isn't my first watermarble rodeo...I've tried all diff types of water, polish and bases...I've even tried watermarbling in different part of my house! I just don't think it's one of my spiritual gifts :) hahah

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these polishes myself or were given gifts as friends because I could not find the particular shade I wanted myself. I am not a professional nail tech, nor do I want to be. I'm just someone who enjoys polishing my own nails :)