The one with my first Nail Art Society "box"!

Hello! :) Today I bring you the contents of my first Nail Art Society monthly subscription box. Let me start by giving you a little detail on this subscription. It's $9.95/month, and November was the first month. Each box contains nail art tools in a cosmetic bag. So what was in the first month?
 An LVX nail polish, striping tape, small round sequins and feathers. The cosmetics bag is a silver sequin-y little thing. It's crazy blingy hahah
I've never tried LVX polishes, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how nice it it. This is a dusty greyed out purple called Legendaire.

Feathers...silver striping tape...silver sequins. I'm not much into feathers on nails, but the striping tape and sequins could come in handy. :) I'm trying to get more into nail art, so really this is a perfect starter kit for me. And really, this stuff coming with instructions is great... (edit, as commenters are noticing: even if this company doesn't know the difference in sequins and sequence)


PROS: Good price, first box has decent items. Instructions for nail art looks is a plus.
CONS: Sometimes you will get an item you don't care for (like this box and feathers for me), there was an issue early on in launch of bloggers' photos being used without persmission (but it's looking like that is indeed cleared up).

Will I keep my subscription? Yes, I will. At less than $10/month, it will be worth it for me to see where it goes!