The one with Zoya Gia!

Hello out there! Happy November! Or as it's known around my house, NaNoWriMo month! While I'm off writing away (probly getting writer's block and freaking out) the posts are still coming to you! Today's post is a gorgeous red from Zoya - Gia! This polish is a very bright, very brick-like red. I'm sure I see orange in there (but I always see orange haha). Very creamy and very pigmented. I think it's a little dark to be considered a "pin-up red," but it sure comes close!
Isn't it beautiful? Two coats for full coverage, and it looks so creamy! Definitely at the top of my list of reds! :) You can buy Gia on Zoya's website for $8.

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these polishes myself or were given gifts as friends because I could not find the particular shade I wanted myself. I am not a professional nail tech, nor do I want to be. I'm just someone who enjoys polishing my own nails :)