My birthday nails in Nail Inc Tate+Ninja Polish Sticks 'n Stones! :)

Yesterday was my birthday! And according to one of the Pre-K kids at church, I am now 14! :) I think I'll stick with that number for now! haha So...what was on my nails for my 14th birthday? :)

I LOVE THIS LOOK! But then again, I haven't found a polish that Sticks 'n Stones doesn't make better, right? This time, it's Nails Inc Tate, a gift from the wonderful Erika over at Polish Fixation. She knew I had wanted this polish she found it at a blog sale. See, the story behind how much I want it is this: On the show American Horror Story, there was a character in the first season (Murder House) named Tate. He was my most favorite part of the show. I was very sad when they announced season 2 would be completely different than season 1 and the characters and place where going to be different.  ANYWAY. I wanted Nails Inc Tate FOR him hahah Just cause it has the same name :)

I'm working on another post for later today. Or at least I'm going to TRY to get another post cranked out today. Still not sure if I will or not...

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