The one with my puppy Clark Kent!

I miss my puppy today. We went out of town yesterday, so we had to board him because we couldn't take him with us. He hates riding in cars. Absolutely DETESTS riding in cars. He cries just going the 3 to 4 blocks to the vets office. So we had to board him...and we can only pick him up with the office open...which isn't until tomorrow morning *cries*

I miss my Clark. We've only had him for a little over two months. But, as Lucas says, Clark is the president of our house. It's amazing how much he has grown right before our eyes without even noticing it!
This is Clark the day we brought him home. He was 9 weeks old. He was so tiny. I remember the first night, he was so scared that he would only sleep on my chest. We had taken him away from the only home he'd ever known. He had two brothers who he spent all his time with. I felt so bad at the time, putting him through such an upheaval. But I wouldn't change it for the world...
This is my Clark Kent now! This photo was taken last week. He's 20 weeks old now. Isn't that face just the sweetest thing you've ever seen!?!?! I can't wait until tomorrow when I get to go pick him up!