The one with a sarah wrap mani...and some photography fail!

I am so not feeling nails today :/ My nails are ugly nubbins, cut down because of peels and breaks. It's a good thing I had some posts in reserve, but pretty soon, I'll be bringing the nubbins by for some posts. Today is a nice mani with awful pictures hahahah I wanted to do a saran wrap mani with red and black because I thought it would be cool (and I wanted to use a skull sticker along with it hahah)! I painted on Milani Black Swift and topped it with Cult Nails Evil Queen for the "sponging" with saran wrap. It looked great!! But I couldn't get it to photograph :(

I just couldn't capture it :/ Boo to me! Oh well, there's always another day! This is why I prefer to photograph nails in sunlight. But it's winter here in Southern Indiana, and we don't get a lot of that! I'll be bringing you some other stuff, like lips and eyes...and maybe some crafty stuff...while my nubbins heal and do their magic growing thing. Here's hoping I can get my peels to stop!

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