Clark's January Barkbox!

I am just utterly disgusted in the nail polish community right now, so I couldn't even fathom showing off my awesome nails right now. So today, you guys are treated to a post about Clark's January Barkbox! We tore into this box and started using the items before I was able to take pictures! haha Clark truly loves these boxes, and so far we haven't had anything he doesn't like in them. And as I'm typing this I remember that I completely forgot to post about his December box...

ANYWAY! Clark's most favorite part of this box was the Barkworthies chewstick. He LOVES Barkworthies! I wish they were easier to purchase. These are the only chewsticks that keep him occupied. Although he destroys them in a matter of days...

Yeah, my pup had the big snip almost two weeks ago. He is now cone-free and in desperate need of both a bath and a haircut. Another of the things in this month's Barkbox is a Wee-Nut, manufactured by Ruff Dawg. It's got a small opening on one end, and you can stick a few treats down inside and let them have at it getting the treats out. This is Clark's new go-to toy :)

The other toy in this box is Elton the Octopus from Jax and Bones. He has already chewed one of the tentacles into oblivion, and he loves just carrying it from place to place in the house in his mouth.

And lastly, the treats! They are from Nootie, and are grain-free! They are peanut butter-flavored so, of course, Clark loves them! We put these treats in his Wee-Nut and let him go crazy trying to get them out :)

So there ya go! Clark's January box. We have been very happy with all the boxes we've received. If you want to try BarkBox, you can use my code here and get $5 off your first month! :) If you do so, i will also get a free month out of the deal.

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