Fail Art - the worst of the worst nail art!

Do I have a treat for you today hahahah But before we begin have you entered my current giveaways? This one? Or this one? Better get on it if you haven't - that first one ends later tonight! But don't fret, I have another giveaway ready to go live later today!

But today's treat! hahaha Oh my. Fail Art. I am the MASTER! This first attempt was so clear in my head! I put down a base of Milani Black Swift and wanted to add pink and red I grabbed two Stripe Rite polishes in pink and red...hahah You can't even tell the difference in the pink and red! Seesh. My nails just ended up a big 'ol hot mess.

These nails are just me trying to get used to striper brushes. I got a lot of Stripe Rites from It's So Easy, and this was some of my first practice...and it's so embarrassing because I haven't gotten any better! haha

I really need to practice don't I? hahahahaha Do you guys use striper polishes or use regular polishes with striper brushes?

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