Sation Weed Out The Wimps and BYOBottle swatches+review

Hi all! Happy Friday!!! Have you all entered the first of my many blogaversary giveaways? If not hightail it over there and enter! It's only the beginning of the giveaways I have planned :) But today - let's see some polish! I have two Sation polishes that I was lucky enough to find at TJMaxx! I adore Sation polishes. I met the Sation people at Cosmoprof, and they were super friendly! I really love the product, the marketing ... and the variety of colors offered!

First up is Weed out the Wimps, a dusty green creme from the Little Horse on the Prairie collection. The formula is a little on the thick side, but that made it so much easier to apply in one coat! Yes, this is one coat of Weed out the Wimps. Gorgeous, isn't it? I thought about attempting a second coat, but I think it looks pretty darn good as is! This is an amazing grass color - would be good for nail art.

Next up is BYBottle, a purple creme from the Nailstock. LOVE this! :) It's a great deep shape of purple that leans a little dusty, but not so much. It wasn't difficult to photograph either! I have trouble with purples and blues sometimes and I didn't have any issues with this one! Again, the formula is thicker, but again, only one coat was needed :)

What do you think? Like these colors? Like Sation polishes? I sure do! I hope to add more to my collection soon - I'm always looking at TJMaxx when I'm there :)

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or were given gifts from friends . I am not a professional nail tech or make-up artist, nor do I want to be. I'm just someone who enjoys polishing my own nails and experimenting with make-up! :)