Bacon cheeseburger wonton cups!

So I made these the other night for dinner and when I mentioned to on my blog's Facebook page, a few people asked for the recipe. So here's a post dedicated to my "famous" bacon cheeseburger wonton cups! :) I also make different variations of these wonton cups, including taco cups and chicken, bacon ranch cups. They are good for quick dinners! So what's in them?

Wonton wrappers
Shredded cheese
Bacon pieces (I use ones in the bag, but you can make bacon and crumble it)
Diced tomatoes
Ground beef

1. Brown ground beef and drain. Lightly mist a cupcake pan with Pam or whatever you'd use (I say lightly because if you over mist the wonton cups end up really greasy). Tuck a wonton wrapper down into each muffin cup. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

2. Spoon some of the ground beef into each wonton cup. The ones along the bottom that are just cheese are for my son - he likes these with only cheese.

3. Top with a sprinkling of cheese and a little tomato.

4. Cover with another wonton wrapper. You might need to press it down a little.

5. Add a little more ground beef, shredded cheese and bacon pieces, careful not to fill too much.

6. Cover with yet another wonton wrapper and top with a scant amount of shredded cheese.

7. Bake 13-15 minutes, or until tops begin to brown. It's ok if they come out crunchy! It will make them easier to eat :)

They should lift right out from the corners! Just take care to not try to rip them out of the muffin tin too fast. Like I mentioned above, there are TONS of variations. You can use ground turkey and turkey bacon to make them "healthier," I suppose.

Have you ever made anything like this?