China Glaze Tart-y for the Party swatches+review

Itttttttttttttttt's Monday! Ugh. Yeah, I'm not impressed with this day most of the time haha But today, I'm going to attempt to brighten my mood by showing you guys another lovely polish from the Avant Garden collection from China Glaze - today is Tart-y for the Party, a lavendar creme. My favorite thing about this polish (besides the hilarious name)? It's a one-coater! Well, for me it was. I can see where it could get streaky if applied a certain way and could need two coats. (and I can see, now, after editing the photos, that my pinky could have used to coats maybe)

It's very smooth and very creamy! No application issues, and the formula is pretty spot on. Plus, it's not a typical 'pastel' spring color - it's a deeper, darker color and is really bright :)

It's a lovely, bright, cheerful color! I'm trying to think if I have a similar color in my stash, but nothing is coming to mind. It looks like, to me, the perfect color for an Easter dress! :)

Indoors with flash
The Avant Garden collection will be available wherever China Glaze is sold. Do you think you will pick any of them up?

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