Deborah Lippmann Let It Bleed+heart nail art

Non-traditional Valentine's Day post here - not really feeling much like celebrating this year. It's just Thursday around here :) So I bring you a a re-swatch of Deborah Lippmann's Let It Bleed, part of the Forsaken collection inspired by the TV show True Blood. This polish was sold into a lip-nail duo with a lipstick called Bite Me. My original post about them is here.

Let It Bleed is described as a "deep sanguine red," and yes, it truly is. It completely and totally looks like dried blood. A very vampy brownish leaning red. It's very shiny and sort of squishy-looking. It's also scented. Like the perfume that is with this collection - kind of sweet, sort of fresh, a little woodsy? Suffice to say it takes me by surprise when I wear it.

I decided to do a little nail art with this polish, so I picked up my Nail Candy pens and set to making some hearts.

They're cute and I kind of like them! :) Of course they need practice, but I am getting better. These Nail Candy pens make art easier for me!

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