L.A. Christine No3 Berry Face Oil

L.A. Christine No3 Berry Face Oil ($58) is enriched with a cocktail of potent antioxidants and vitamins. It’s a proprietary formula that includes raspberry, Brazilian A├žai Berry and Scandinavian Lingonberry, a unique plant that only grows locally in the wild, which Dr. Oz recently called “the new superfruit.” A drop or two goes a long way in enhancing the skin’s elasticity and giving it a youthful glow by keeping it hydrated all day long. Compared to creams, many of which are wax-based and sit on the surface of the skin, this therapeutic oil works with the skin’s natural oils, deeply penetrating to nourish, heal and soothe. The product quickly absorbs without an oily residue, smoothing wrinkles and stretch marks, and helping makeup go on smoother. The oil is great for all weather conditions and skin types (normal, oily, dry) and can also be used on the hands, feet, body, and even as a hair conditioner.

This unique luxury product is developed through time-tested ways and a philosophy that unites European Scandinavian tradition with California’s healthy active lifestyle. L.A. Christine is committed to developing products that are completely free of parabens, mineral oils and petroleum, and that are cruelty free, with absolutely no animal testing. For more information, check out the L.A. Christine website.

This product sounds interesting, and I will admit I'm super curious about it! Has anyone tried it? I really like my Argan oil. Wonder how this compares?