Clark's February Barkbox!

I know it's March, but Clark's Barkbox comes so late in the month now that I didn't get a chance during February to post about it.

Five things in this months!! Either the toys weren't terribly well made or my dog is just overly destructive. I'm leaning toward an equal amount of both.

This Aussie Naturals toys lasted 5 minutes. Clark popped a seam while chewing and the insides ended up all over the inside of his crate. And it wasn't filled with stuffing. It was filled with these thin wire-like pieces of something. Pretty sure Clark swallowed a lot of them...

This newspaper, that is made of material wrapped around this crinkly, noisy stuff, lasted 10 minutes hahah He chewed through the material down to the crinkly stuff in several places. He still plays with it a bit, but he have to watch him in case he really goes to town and starts eating the crinkly stuff.

These Wet Noses cookies aren't something Clark appears to like. BUT, he's notorious for sticking his nose up at something and then a month, two months down the road falling in love with it. We'll try a few more times before we deem these unliked.

Not sure about these. Clark has yet to try them, and I'm not sure how he will react to them. I'm guessing, since these aren't marked as such, that they are for all dogs - puppies and adults.

Overall, this box wasn't great for Clark. The toys were too easily destroyed and the treats weren't to Clark's liking. This isn't usually the case, Usually, we think the boxes are great! If you want to try BarkBox, you can use my code here and get $5 off your first month! :) If you do so, i will also get a free month out of the deal.

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