Clark's March Barkbox!

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It's that time again - time for a showcase of my puppy!

Isn't he just the bee's knees? I sure do love him! He just had his hair all trimmed up and ready for summer - if it ever gets here :( We're still getting snow, even tho it's dang near April!! *sigh* But for now, we're bringing you Clark's March Barkbox!

It's pretty much treats and toys! And those are Clark's favorite things...

Clark LOVES both of these treats. I think he's liking a lot more different types of treats as he gets older.

Any Parks & Rec fans out there? I'm pretty sure this is MouseRat, the inspiration for Andy's band name! hahah Clark has nosed around with this, but hasn't played with it a lot.

This toy, on the otherhand....Clark has chewed that Harry Barker label clean off! We're pretty sure he ate it, too, because we can't find it...

Rounding out this month's Barkbox is an Angie's List-adorned poop bag holder. These always come in handy, especially smaller ones.

Overall, this box was a good one! Clark is responding to the treats and is taking a liking to the toys :) If you want to try BarkBox, you can use my code here and get $5 off your first month! :) If you do so, I will also get a free month out of the deal.

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