Have you found the new Hard Candy polishes at WalMart?

...I haven't yet!! But I do happen to have a few of them to show off to you guys next week! Are there any that you guys have your eye on? The price for each polish is $3.97.

Luxurious and timeless hues embellished with a golden textured finish… This collection boasts refinement and sophistication and is infused with a vivacious luster. Indulge yourself with these lush shining stars.

Intense, illuminating, and incandescent hues saturated with the richest and most extreme mica and glitter. Inspired from the runway and now brought to your fingertips.

This combination of confident opposites and intimate tonalities mixed with the right amounts of sparkle creates enthusiasm for the vitality of life. These hues are natural and are becoming more evolved and colored. Tasteful tones with all the personality to satisfy every trend setter.

is a unique collection based on artistic expression. Flourishing, adventurous, full coverage shades with various particle sizes and creative textures. Graffiti is revolutionary; it is an outlet to create public art. Now take this artistic and creative expression to your nails.

Suspended in a clear top coat, shimmery flecks sparkle brilliantly with different shapes of shiny glitter. Candy Sprinkles is a fabulous top coat over any color.