Milani COLORStatement lipsticks plums and berries - picture heavy

**PR sample provided by company representative**

It's a rainy/snowy, overcast Sunday here in southern Indiana - and here's hoping the snow is now gone for good! I can't believe it's almost Spring Break, and we're still getting snow! Ugh. So, anyway, to brighten up yout day (and mine!), I'm giving you guys some great lipsticks! The formula is so wonderful and creamy on this lipsticks, and they smell and taste like melons! These are the plums and berries of the Milani COLORstatement lipstick line :)

Each of the sets of COLORstatement lipsticks come in the cutest lip-shaped bag - the red and oranges in a red one; the pinks and corals in a pink one...well the plums and berries came in a purple one!

I love purples. So I was expecting to like a lot of these lipsticks - I do like them, just not on me. My skintone isn't very welcoming to purple-toned lipsticks, apparently! haha Here are shots of the bottoms of the tubes. They are meant to show you the names (and numbers) of the lippies, not to be color accurate.

Plumrose, the first one I'll show you, is actually my favorite of the bunch! I think it looks good on me, and is a great borderline neutral color! It is a cream lipstick, and I see some hints of brown and pink in there. It is a lovely color, and I actually wear this one quite a bit.

Raspberry Rush is a cool blue-toned metallic. It's a little bright if you swipe a few more times, but I was more subtle with my application. It just coats the lips so easily. It's a little flashy for my taste, but it is a pretty color :)

Uptown Mauve is more purple than I assumed a mauve would be. It's a cream lipstick, and it's not too loud. I think this color does look great with my skintone, but it's not a color I could wear very often, as it stands out when you wear it :)

Sangria...oh Sangria. You are way too dark for me - but I'm drawn to your matte finish. Matte is my favorite lipstick finish. I love the way it looks and feels. This is a lipstick I will wear in the future. It just has to be to the right event...

Chilled Brandy just doesn't do it for me. It's certainly a pretty color, but it's just way too shimmery for my taste. The formula is spot on, and it glides on smooth, but I think the shimmer makes it too flashy for me.

Black Cherry is another that just is way too dark for me. It's a very vampy and dark cream. I LOVE vampy colors, I just have trouble pulling them off :( I would absolutely love to wear this lipstick around, but I would look like a goth teen...

Violet Volt is another metallic from this collection, leaning even more blue that Raspberry Rush. This is a fun color! I enjoy wearing this one a lot, as it's more subtle than a lot of the lipsticks in this collection.

My picks from this collection are Plumrose and Violet Volt. The COLORstatement lipsticks are available at CVS, Target, Walgreens, WalMart and KMart, and wherever else Milani is sold :) You can also purchase them from Milani Cosmetics' website at $5.49 each.

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