Milani Textures Shady Gray swatches+review

I was really iffy about this texture trend. I'm still iffy on it, honestly. But I do happen to love these Milani textured polishes. They are just that - textured. No glitter, no sparkle. Just texture. They remind me of fuzzy sweaters. First up, I'm showing you Shady Gray.

Wow right? You can *see* the texture. It's not scratchy or anything, either. It's soft and silky feeling, almost like a ... fuzzy sweater. These do take a beat to dry. One thing to watch out for, as well, if the coats are too thick, the polish will not try textured. See my middle finger, right at the tip? It's more glossy that everything else around it. I got the polish a little too heavy. You'll see more of that in the posts to come too hahah I will NOT be featuring all of these with top coat. And here's why...

It makes them look like sludge! I'll stick with the no top coat version, thanks! haha These polishes are in stores now, limited edition, and are priced around $4.99. They are also available on Milani's website.

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