Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liners swatches+review

More of my eyes? Are you sick of it yet? The more practice I get, the better my looks get. I think. I'm still not really sure on these Milani liquid eye liners. I'm not quite smooth yet with my application. But they sure are pigmented!!

Colors include, from left, Black Vinyl, Black Gems (an awesome holo glittery madness!), Prismatic Purple, Sparkling Turquoise and Emerald Glisten.

Take note: Sparkling Turquoise and Emerald Glisten stained my arm in these swatches. It took some heavy duty scrubbing to get them off. I decided my experimental eye look would include neither of them! hahahah I wasn't in the mood to be adventurous, unfortunately, so I just went with Black Vinyl.

They float on super easy, but my hand just isn't steady like I'd like it to be. I'll keep practicing!! You can buy these on Milani's website for $7.49. They should be popping up in stores soon, too - wherever Milani is sold :)

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