Ruby Wing scented, color changing polish in Poppy swatches+review

**PR sample provided by company representative**

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I'm fascinated by color-changing polish. I honestly think it's the bee's knees and a block of cheese. I also happen to think it's very underrated. With all the new finishes roaming around, maybe one day, color-changing polish will get it's due. I have for you today a great one - Poppy from Ruby Wing. This polish was sent to me by a representative from Color Club/Ruby Wing. It starts out a bright pink indoors, but transitions into a deep jellyish purple outdoors. The scent on this polish is very sweet and light - I had trouble discerning exactly what it was.

I used two coats for what's pictured, but no top coat. At first I wasn't sure if that would change the effect, but I've since read that it won't :) The formula is very nice on this polish. It wasn't gloppy or hard to manage. I'll just let the photo progressions do most of the talking...

All that just by walking outside! The end result looks like some type of candy. :) That's what I love about jelly-like finishes on polish. They look so squishy and purty. I really, really like this polish. Do you guys have any color-changing polish?

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