Arielle Kebbel is so adorable...even when she has to share the stage with Charlie Bewley.

I recently went to a Vampire Diaries convention in Chicago put on by Creation Entertainment, so I'm sharing my experience with my readers! I will have a series of posts (hopefully with a lot of pictures!) of all the panels I got to take part in during the event, which took place in April 2013. There may be spoilers for both the TV show AND the books in this series - so read at your own risk!
I need to get back to posting about stuff from the convention! I will have a few posts to why don't we just knock one out of the park right now? :) Let's focus on Arielle Kebbel, who plays Lexi Branson, Stefan's best friend and trusted confidante. I will admit, I knew Arielle Kebbel before she started on Vampire Diaries, and I have been a fan. Especially of her movie John Tucker Must Die. I LOVE THAT MOVIE. She unfortunately shared her panel with Charlie Bewley, who played the hunter Galen Vaughn. He had his moments...but I think she would have been better paired with Torrey DeVitto.

She is too pretty for words :) She was so super nice, too. I'm kicking myself for not buying her autograph. In the future, I won't make that mistake again. Her most memorable revelation during her panel was the fact that if she could be anyone, she'd be Ace Ventura: Pet Detective hahah She went on to do a flawless impersonation, with which Charlie prompted her to attempt a remake of The Mask, in which he'd be Jim Carrey's character and she could be Cameron Diaz's character. And you know what? Arielle did a spot-on imitation of The Mask!

Charlie revealed that he had researched Arielle before the panel to "check her out." Arielle didn't think he was serious, but then he started spouting off all this stuff he learned.

One fan asked Arielle which character she enjoyed interacting with the most on the show, and she replied that she would always love Stefan like a brother. Arielle let a little thing out...she told us to keep watching TVD, 'cause we just might see her!

One of the questions Arielle was asked was if there was anything she would like to do before she died. Charlie got a little forward and asked her if what she wanted to do involved something British (because he is British)...

It was just weird having these two in a panel together because they'd never worked together before and didn't know each other. One good thing that came out of their panel was the ending - and I think Charlie is seriously obsessed with either Patrick Swayze, Dirty Dancing or both. I'll talk about what he did during his panel in another post, but at this panel, with Arielle, he suggested they do the lift at the end of Dirty Dancing...onstage. It started out something like this...

It did end up happening, but my picture was blurry, so I didn't get a good one of the final result :/