Little Green Baby and Kids lotion and shampoo/body wash review

**PR sample provided by company representative**

I was recently given the opportunity to try out some products from Little Green, a company all about bringing high quality hygiene products for the little ones that are free of paraben, sulfates, gluten and allergens. I received four products for review, and today I will tell you about two of them, the kids' lotion and the baby shampoo and body wash. They both come in a handy pump bottle, which make application and use so easy! :)

I don't have a baby, persay. My son is 8-years-old, but I do happen to watch my niece, frequently, and she is just shy of 7-months-old. She has extremely sensitive skin, and we were very wary to try it out on her. But I got my sister-in-law to agree. One day I washed my niece's arm with this, and when my sister-in-law picked her up from my house, I told her to just let me know if the baby's arm did anything weird. Nothing happened. SO. Even with the most sensitive skin, like our little girl, this shampoo and body wash was great! But I still made my son try it out, even tho this is a "baby" product. I do worry about what lotions and soaps he uses, even tho he doesn't have sensitive skin.

I had him use the body wash as a hand soap. He's not too keen on me taking his picture and being featured on this blog hehehe I asked him questions as he was washing his hands, and the best he would tell me is that "it worked just like every other soap, Mom!" Sheesh, I think I've already got a 'tween attitude in the house, and he's only 8! I tried washing my hands with it, as well, and I noticed it was very smooth to lather and rinse. It has no residue and it wasn't thick like some soaps I've used. It rinses very clean, and my hands didn't have that waxy feeling that some soaps have.

Bottom line: A great product. Like I mentioned before, if it was sensitive enough for my niece's crazy sensitive skin, it's okay on our book. My son may not realize it, but he will continue to use this product as well! :) You can purchase this product from the Little Green website for $6 for a 2 oz bottle or $15 for an 8 oz. bottle.

Now here's the product I was most interested in! My kid manages to get the driest skin sometimes. Rough and tumble boy, I suppose, but his knees and elbows are killer. He can scratch you with the dry skin in those areas. I made him use this lotion on his hands first to gauge his response. At the same time, I let my older niece have some, as well, and she was bouncing off the walls happy because he loved how "nice and soft" her hands were (Yep, she used those words. I think I'm priming a future beauty blogger over there!) Lucas seemed okay with that, so I made him use it again. I made him rub it in really good, and asked him questions while he was working it in.

He said the lotion was okay...but that it smelled like "bad Germ-X." I'm not entirely sure what that means! hahah The lotion does have a fresh and clean scent, but it's not over-the-top or anything. I think he was just annoyed that I was making him put on lotion again, so he said the first thing that popped into his head - maybe because it's not a fruity or sweet smell? :) I tried the lotion, as well, and it didn't leave my hands slick or coated. It soaked in pretty quickly and cleanly leaving behind a slight whiff of scent. I really like it and have had it next to my desk, using it as various times.

Bottom line: Despite my sons' weird description of the smell, we will continue to use it on his roughest skin patches. Most of the time, he doesn't pay a lick of attention to what I'm using on him anyway! I like the way the lotion doesn't make my hands feel coated with wax - and yes, I have a lotion that does make my hands feel that way. You can purchase this product from the Little Green website for $7 for a 2 oz bottle or $17 for an 8 oz. bottle.

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