My first night at the Vampire Diaries convention ... Maroon5 and Bob Somerhalder?

Hi everyone!!! How's your weekend going? I figured I would give you a heads up about what's going on around here at the convention. After the long drive, insane traffic and checking in, me and my two cohorts in crime, Stacie and Summer, went down to the lobby to ask some questions at the front desk. wandering around, we met a few other people going to the convention, who informed us that Maroon5's tour buses were outside.

I know the picture is terrible quality! haha My big camera wasn't unpacked at the time. This is a shot of the tour buses from our window...but we waited in a lobby for an hour or two, just wondering if we would be able to catch a glimpse. This one very tall, very British gentleman walked by us, and Stacie said "I bet he's with the band." she asked him if he was! His response? "Maybe." So yeah, he was hahah! Stacie also went over and talked with one of the guys who was a tech with the band, and he confirmed that the guys were indeed staying at our hotel, but we still had yet to see them.

But in the meantime, there was this guy who kept going back and forth, back and forth in the lobby carrying things to the elevator, disappearing for a while and then coming back down. I kept thinking he looks familiar, but wasn't sure how I knew him. There was this woman sitting beside us, hanging out, and she was like "That's Ian's brother, Bob, isn't it?" and jumped up and stopped him. It was Bob!!

This is terrible quality, but it's off a phone :/ Because we initially had only went downstairs to ask some questions at the front desk, all we had were our cellphones...and nothing for him to sign! But he was so nice, and he stood around and talked to us for a good half hour, while other people were coming up to him, wanting photos and autographs...but he stayed in our area :) He is very sweet and down-to-earth. Bob and Ian are the masterminds behind Built with Barnwood, a company with a passion for finding the hidden beauty in things thought forgotten. Bob has a booth set-up here at the convention with some items - so I'm thinking awesome!!! When we were down registering, we ran into Bob again, and he signed my ticket ;)

So what will today bring?? We shall see!