Bioelements Sensitive Skin Cleanser review

**PR sample provided by company representative**

Up until about the last two or so years, I really didn't bother caring for my skin. Why would I? I never wore makeup, and my complexion was amazing with rarely ever a breakout. Then I decided to start taking care of my skin because it wouldn't be that way forever, you know? That really opened a lot of doors for me with skincare-related items! I was given the chance to check out Bioelements Sensitive Skin Cleanser recently, and it's been really great!

My skin isn't overly sensitive - however, I tend to purchase cleansers and astringents that are formulated for sensitive skin simply based on the fact that they tend to have kinder, more gentler ingredients and aren't as harsh on skin. Makes me feel better that I'm taking a little extra effort now that might pay off later :) This cleanser is super gentle with no residue and no strong after smell. That's my biggest pet peeve about some cleansers - the smell. I'm not one to like crazy perfume-y smells.

So how does this one work? The cleanser is oil-based, olive oil-based to be exact, so it's a little different than any cleanser I've ever tried. When I think of olive oil, I don't typically think of it being of the particularly cleansing variety! ahaha But this oil-based product is great for cleansing! I've not really had a huge issue with acne or blackheads. The worst issue I've got is my pores enlarging as I'm getting older.

It looks like you've poured olive oil into your hand at first glance! But I promise it's not icky or coating like the oil. Add some water, and it starts to foam up - and you wash your face :) The cleanser is designed to remove impurities while soothing and calming your skin. My skin absolutely feels softer after I use the cleanser :) I only use it once per day, at night before I go to bed...that way I know the skin nestled against my pillow is clean and nourished :)

The Bioelements line is not currently available in brick-and-mortar stores, but is available in selects spas and online. You can purchase it here.

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