BK Candy Colors Fluorescent Neon from Born Pretty Store swatches+review

**press sample**

This post was so fun! I was trying out this BK neon glow in the dark polish, and of course my husband had to find something cool. I'll save that for down the post! haha But first let's talk about the polish. It's a bright, eyes burning orange - and that's just in regular light.

Pictured is only two coats. This polish is super pigmented and the formula is great. I wore this for about 3 days and didn't experience any chipping or issues. So how does it glow? :)

This blacklight shot is almost enough to burn a retina! hahah But let's turn out the lights...

Yep, it glows! Amazingly well, in fact. However, it only glows like this after being charged up with the blacklight. I didn't have much luck with run-of-the-mill every day light. Neat huh? Well, my husband took it a step further...he got out the laser pointer...

Yep, he's like a big kid. He just started running the laser pointer all over my nails! Of course I had to close my eyes, so I had absolutely NO idea what he was doing!

We've established that it glows, and that the laser pointer works in the dark, but what about the light? Yeah, it works, too...

See the stripe of that peachy color? That's the laser pointer! I really, really like this polish :) I'll have to try out some of the other shades in this collection...I think they are really worth it! At $2.99 each, you can order them on the Born Pretty website. While you're there, check out all the other great things they have there - water decals, glitter, flocking powder, jewelry...the list goes on!

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