Lancôme’s Aquatic Summer Collection

It's no secret how much I love blues and greens. I mean, sure, my favorite polish color is orange - but blues and greens make up a large portion of my stash. So, yes, I'm super excited about the Lancôme’s Aquatic Summer Collection, four gorgeous colors. The colors of this collection go well together :)

 So here's the press release from Lancôme about this collection:
Plunge into a turquoise pool. Jump off a yacht into the deep azure of the Mediterranean. Lancôme’s Aquatic Summer Collection transports you to the warm climates and refreshing seas of the world's most luxe destinations. Embrace the season and dive into an aquatic summer with Lancôme.

Vernis in Love in Simply Aqua, Ultramarine Green, Aqua Bleu and Plunge Pool, $15 –These new limited-edition shades of Lancôme’s iconic polish brighten up your nails with brilliant turquoise and azure tones