Milani COLORStatement lipsticks naturals and browns - picture heavy

**PR sample provided by company representative**

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It's Monday! The last Monday of school for my son. Makes me sad to think about it. So why don't I just show you some pretty Milani COLORstatement lipsticks today? I've still got the Naturals and Browns to show you :)

As with my other COLORstatement posts, this will be picture heavy, so the cut is totally necessary! :)

As with the other sets, a cute lip-shaped bag was what the lipsticks came in.

In my previous posts I took photos of the bottoms to show names, but on this batch, I had trouble getting the names to show in good light, so I'm skipping them for this post. I will mention that these lippies, like all other COLORstatements, taste and smell like melon. Let's jump right in to the lippies, shall we?

First up is Naturally Chic, a brownish pink creme. I really like this color. It's not too dark, and it's not too neutral. The pink tones really bring it out.

Nude Cream is up next. I don't like this color for me at all. It's way too light for my skintone, and I think it gave me mannequin lips. It's a pale, pale pink neutral cream. It leans more pink than neutral I think.

Another one that is maybe too light for me - Dulce Caramelo. It's a neutral pearl with pink undertones. I think this would be great on those with a darker skintone. I think I'm just too pale.

Teddy Bare, however, is really amazing! It looks like chocolate on the lips :) It's a cream finish and really looked like melted chocolate. I've worn this one more than once, actually, and I really enjoy it.

On to Candied Toffees, which is a super pretty bronzeish metallic. I like this one with my skintone.

Next is Bronze Beauty - one I had some issues with. See the second photo? I had some patchiness with this one. It's like it got hung up on itself or something. It's really hard to explain...but it was kind of like the drag you get from the second coat of nail polish. I've never had that happen with lips before hahaha Maybe it was operator error :)

Now this one, D'Oror, made me feel like I was an Eqyptian statue or something. It's a metallic gold. Like, pretty much, yeah. I'm not sure how often I would wear this one, as I found it pretty "loud" for me.

Chocolate Berries is a deep brown cream with purple and red undertones. I really like this color, but I can't pull it off :( It's too dark for me. Very, very vampy! It would be a color I could wear with a very dramatic eye look, maybe.

And finally, Double Espresso. It's almost that is probably too dark for me, but I'm drawn to it. I shall seek out a way to wear it. It's a pearl finish, and the color is just so intriguing!

The COLORstatement lipsticks are available at CVS, Target, Walgreens, WalMart and KMart, and wherever else Milani is sold :) You can also purchase them from Milani Cosmetics' website at $5.49 each.

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