Milani eyeliners swatches+review

**PR sample provided by company representative**

*phew* I had completely forgotten about this post! I mean, I took all the swatches and got everything ready, and then my edited photos slipped through the cracks! I have an assortment of Milani eyeliners for you today - Eye Tech Bold Liquid Eyeliner, and Liquid Eye Liquid-like eyeliners pencils. So let's just right in! First I'll show you the color swatches...

From left, Eye Tech Bold Liquid Eyeliner in black, Liquid Eye Liquid-like eyeliners in Perfect Purple, Graphite, Brown and Black.

Eye Tech Bold Liquid Eyeliner is seriously bold! It looks like a fat marker, and applies like one. I'm still working with this one to not look totally crazy. It's labeled for all-day wear and is tear, smear and smudge free :) I can't attest to the all-day wear thing, as I only wore it for a few hours, but it lived up to all the claims in those hours.

There are two different kinds of Liquid Eyes. This one is more like an eyeshadow pencil. This one is thicker and creamier. They are smudge-proof and long-lasting...I did wear these for a good 6 hours with not smudging. I don't tend to wear my makeup longer than 8 hours (in rare cases I have worn makeup for 10 hours, but that's extremely rare). So long-lasting for me is 6 hours :) haha
Now this Liquid Eye is more like an eyeliner. Ooops! You see I dropped one on the way to photographing. Sheesh haha I couldn't get the automatic propelling thingy to work (I have since then), so when I took the photos, it looks mangled :) This is the eyeliner I reach for the most. It's creamy and smooth and last for me :)

You can buy these eyeliners anywhere Milani Cosmetics are sold or on their website.

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