Throwing around an idea for a giveaway to raise awareness for the End It Movement...

Ever since I attended the Vampire Diaries convention in Chicago, the End It Movement has been weighing heavily on my heart. Nathaniel Buzolic is very involved in the program, as is Steven R. McQueen. Nathaniel actually talked a lot about the movement during his panel.

See his shirt? That's an End It Movement shirt. I thought I might get a shirt or two to throw in the giveaway, but the movement is sold out! I might be able to find a way to get some anyway :) But here's the letter I sent out, asking for help with this giveaway...


My name is Destany, and I am the mind behind Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom ( I am putting together a giveaway to benefit the End It movement (, which shines a light on modern day slavery and fights to end it. I first heard about this cause at a Vampire Diaries convention from actor Nathaniel Buzolic, and as I researched to cause, I realize it was something I was very passionate about. The universal sign of the End It movement is a red X on the back of your hand. I placed one on my hand during the convention. Just that simple act brought to mind how I could possibly help even more. So I am holding a giveaway - which would spread the word about the End It movement and raise awareness for the cause.

I plan to have only three points of entry for this giveaway.
1. Provide an e-mail address - legally, there has to be one entry that doesn't benefit anyone - a company or an individual, a blog or a group.
2. Provide a photo of your hand adorned with a red X on the back - this gets the word OUT! Plus, I will feature each and every red X-adorned hand on my blog in a permanent place!
3. Donate to the End It movement  One of the End It movement's partner organizations - for each $1 donated, the person will receive one entry. (The End It movement is no longer accepting donations, but donations can be made to partner entities).

How does this involve you? I'm looking for donations for the giveaway - red and black themed, custom polishes and cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, craft items - to use for the giveaway. This is where you come in. Would you be willing to participate in raising awareness for the End It movement with me? I can't promise a guaranteed like or follow for you. But I can guarantee there will be links to you throughout the giveaway, and on the page featuring the red X hand photos permanently. I plan to keep these photos on a page, linked in the top bar of my blog. I don't ever want to quit shining the light on this issue, and will keep a donation button, as well as the photos and link active for as long as I'm blogging. I plan to purchase a fair amount of black and red items for this venture, but I hope you would consider helping me out. I believe this is a worthwhile cause that deserves awareness, don't you?

With hope,

Know anyone who would like to participate? If you would like to...or know someone who would, send an e-mail to