Torrey DeVitto explained her husband Paul Wesley's beauty routine...

I recently went to a Vampire Diaries convention in Chicago put on by Creation Entertainment, so I'm sharing my experience with my readers! I will have a series of posts (hopefully with a lot of pictures!) of all the panels I got to take part in during the event, which took place in April 2013. There may be spoilers for both the TV show AND the books in this series - so read at your own risk!
We had a super short panel with Torrey DeVitto, who plays Dr. Meredith Fell. I'm going to be upfront and say that I hate what they did to Meredith's character on the show. In the books, Meredith was one of my favorites, but she wasn't anything like what she was on the show. For starters, in the books, Meredith was basically Caroline - and Caroline in the books was a terrible, horrible person who no one but Tyler liked. And don't get me started on Tyler...

Anyway hahahahahha This panel was fun, despite it's shortness. I wasn't happy about Torrey being billed higher than some of the other people, but I figured it was 'cause she was married to the star, ya know? In case you didn't know, she is married to Paul Wesley, which totally makes her privy to inside info about him. A little of which she shared with us :)

Arielle Kebbel had her panel right before Torrey's, and Arielle hung around and asked a question haha She asked Torrey if Paul was just natural gorgeous hahaha Torrey replied that it's a whole routine - she defuses his hair, frosts his tips, applies his tinted moisturizer...haha! She was super personable and very down-to-earth.

She shared that if she could choose her love interest on the show, she would choose Lexi. She also noted that she had a very weak gag reflex, and Matt Davis used to try to gross her out on set. One time, she said, he even left a used tissue on her chair.

Most of the questions she fielded were about her roles on One Tree Hill (which I never watched) and Pretty Little Liars. Someone asked her who her favorite person was to act with on PPL, and she said that it had to be Troian Bellisario because 99% of her scenes were just her and Troian hehe

Torrey's panel was cut short to make time for Ian and Paul's big panel to end the convention. They were late getting to their early morning gold patrons panel, and that just threw the rest of the schedule off.