Battle of the shimmery oranges!

**PR sample provided by company representative**

I have a feeling that today is just going to be a bad day. *sigh* and I don't know why. It's just a feeling I'm getting. I so hope I'm wrong. But this brings me to a "filler" day - a comparison. Let's see some shimmery oranges, shall we?

My first thought upon seeing Zoya Amy (provided to me by Zoya), was that it looked an awful lot like China Glaze Riveting (purchased by me). While they do look somewhat alike, Amy is more red comparatively. I decided to throw JulieG Beach Bonfire (provided to me by Jesse's Girl) in the mix because I thought it was closer, but it is way more orange than either Amy or Riveting.

I am hoping to get more comparisons up from summer collections - are there any comparisons you'd like to see? First on my list is Zoya Rocky vs. Yummy vs. Breezi vs. Robyn :)

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