Clark's May Barkbox!

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Who's up for a peek at Clark's May Barkbox? Yes, I know it's June. I'm behind. Clark's not impressed with my lateness, either.

Don't let his expression fool you, he loves his May Barkbox. So what was in it?

Lots-a-goodies!!!! Let's just jump right in, shall we? First up are the Grill-icious treats. Clark absolutely LOVES these. We limit him to one every few days because if not, that is all he would eat.

And speaking of what Clark loves, he got another Barkworthies chewstick in this box! These chewsticks keep Clark so calm and focused. They are a little pricey, so we splurge on them every once in a while for a treat :)

Clark also got another Barkworthies chew, this one a treat stick that was much smaller and softer than the large chewstick. It was gone before I was able to take a photo! haha

The toy in this box is from orbee-tuff, another it's scented. Maybe flavored, too. I can't attest to the taste! haha :) Clark really liked licking this toy...a lot.

The only thing in this box Clark isn't too fond of are the Bocce's Bakery treats. They are made with spinach and kale (and other ingredients you can see listed on the bag in the photo below). He just isn't all that into them. We give him a piece of one, and he noses around it, but eventually leaves it right in its place. But you never know with Clark. Next week, these could be his favorite thing :)

We are so loving our boxes. If you want to try BarkBox, you can use my code here and get $5 off your first month! :) If you do so, I will also get a free month out of the deal.

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