Kroger deli fried chicken campaign through BzzAgent!

*I am a Bzz Agent and this post is about a product I was able to test through a current BzzAgent Campaign*

Fried chicken. Delicious right? Even more delicious if you don't have to cook it yourself, right? :) I was lucky enough to get chosen by BzzAgent to get delectable fried chicken from the Kroger deli! The closest thing we have around here is JayC, and that is owned by Kroger, so I hightailed it up to JayC and snagged my fried chicken, Coke and Kroger brand Kettle Chips.

The chicken was hot and fresh! My husband isn't a big fan of chicken on the bone, but even he devoured it. As for the kid...

Not much of a fried chicken fan himself, but he still managed to get his taste in. The Coke was a 1.25 liter bottle, which is more than enough for us. We don't drink a lot of caramel-colored beverages around here. The Kettle Chips were yummy, too! Those will definitely find their way back into my cart the next time I'm in JayC :)

When all was said and done, there were only 2 pieces left! They served me better a few days later! :)

DISCLAIMER: Some products used in this post were provided to me by BzzAgent for consideration. This blog is written and edited by me, and the opinions are not influenced in any way and are not compensated. Please read this post for more information.