NOTD: Pure Ice Castle of Dreams

Have y'all found the new Pure Ice polishes at WalMart yet? I was SO lucky to stumple upon a full display, including all the new ones! I had a giveaway on my FB page for three Pure Ice polishes - and now I'm addicted to FB giveaways, so there may be more in the future! hehe But today I'm giving you an NOTD of one of those Pure Ice polishes, Castle of Dreams :)

Castle of Dreams is a gorgeous creamy perwinkle colored polish with a fantastically smooth formula. I had a little dust-up with my pinky in the corner and didn't even realize it until I put a top coat on. that's why the edge looks a little wonky. You know what? I think this "head-on" shot of my nail is pretty useless. I mean, with angles, shadows get cast on the polish, making it look kind of lumpy. I think from now on I'm going to scrap this shot and maybe switch it out for another.

See? This shot is always better! hahah You can see the beautiful color, and it's always accurate *makes mental note*. You can buy these polishes at WalMart, in a special display, for $1.99 each. I haven't heard whether this collection is going to be LE or not.

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or were given gifts from friend.