Zoya Fall PixieDust collection announced!

Haven't had enough Zoya PixieDusts yet? Well, you're in luck! There is a new crop of 6 PixieDusts slated for a fall release!

Oooh! I'm super excited about this collection - LOVELY colors :) Really looking forward to Arabella. My son was going to be named Ara if she had been a girl, so that name is dear to my heart. Colors include:

Tomoko: Glowing Silver || Chita: Emerald Green || Sunshine: Van Gogh Blue
Carter: Regal Purple || Arabella: Rich Fuchsia || Dhara: Dazzling Copper

Do you think you'll be getting any of these? I loved the Summer PixieDusts so much! ...and these are on-track to be favorites, as well! :)