Bioelements Calmitude Hydrating Solution review

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Hey all! Quickie post for today on a neat product from Bioelements - the Calmitude Hydrating Solution! It's a nice, cooling facial mist.

One of the main reasons I used this was to soothe my skin. When I get in the routine of rubbing and washing and patting and drying, sometimes my skin suffers even when I don't mean for it to be suffering. This mist is free of fragrances and colors, parabens and other irritants that could be harsh on your skin. Here is a photo of the list of ingredients on the side of the box.

So how does it work? What do you do? You just spray it on your face! I use it especially on days when I've been outside a lot, and my skin might have had a little too much sun. But some nights, I just like using it to make my skin feel nice and cool :) It's not an every night thing for me, but it's nice to have on those days when I just need a little something extra! It's not oily, and it doesn't leave a residue...just nice, hydrated skin! :) And because I'm a's an action shot!

The Bioelements line is not currently available in brick-and-mortar stores, but is available in selects spas and online. You can purchase it here.

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